‘Teen Mom’ Star Reveals Her Kid Is Banned From Two Public Schools

‘Teen Mom’ stars are often open about their lives on social media and sometimes the updates can be overwhelming.


Do the kids get paid to film?

This topic has been discussed before and while it’s clear that the kids get paid too, the amount itself is a mystery.

For instance, Chelsea’s daughter Aubree was getting paid to film alongside her mom and the amount itself was rumored to be around $50,000 per season of the show.

Jenelle’s parenting


The ex ‘Teen Mom 2’ star recently revealed that both her sons Jace and Kaiser have behavioral issues.
Most of it appears to be manifesting when not under Jenelle’s supervision.

Another interesting thing Jenelle revealed is that her younger son Kaiser got ejected from schools on multiple occasions.


“He had to repeat kindergarten twice,” Jenelle said.

“…first time he was too young…the second time, he kept getting in trouble,” she continued.

“…he’s actually learning and not running around the classroom,” she added.