‘Teen Mom’ Stars Reveal Their First Impressions About Each Other And It’s Hilarious

MTV’s cast of ‘Teen Mom’ had the opportunity to meet one another early into the series’ inception.
The first few seasons of ’16 & Pregnant’ really bonded some of the moms together and they hit it off right from the start.


The stars shared first impressions of one another in an exclusive interview with MTV.

First impressions of Chelsea Houska


The ‘Teen Mom’ stars shared their first impressions on Chelsea and they were quite fascinating.


Kailyn Lowry: “I was just like wow. I wonder if everyone has hair like that where she’s from.”

Jenelle Evans: “She was cool and had a bubbly personality.”

Leah Messer: “We hit it off from the start. I loved her style.”

First impressions of Leah Messer


Jenelle Evans: “My first impression of Leah is that she was really nice and sweet.”

Chelsea Houska: “I really liked her accent.”


Kailyn Lowry. “Like wow. She’s definitely from the south.”

First impressions of Jenelle Evans


Chelsea Houska: “My first impression of Jenelle was that she was really quiet and kept to herself.”

Leah Messer: “I remember her being outspoken.”

Kailyn Lowry: “When we started it was Chelsea and Leah and me and Jenelle.”

First impressions of Kailyn Lowry


Chelsea Houska: “She’s like someone you don’t want to be on her bad side cuz she’ll yell at you.”

Leah Messer: “I thought she was naturally beautiful, reserved & very observant.”

Jenelle Evans: “She was very outspoken and blunt but had a sense of humor.”