‘Teen Mom’ Stars Slammed For Looking ‘Rough’ In Latest Video

The ‘Teen Mom’ stars usually have lots of makeup applied when filming for the show.


‘Teen Mom’ filming process


For MTV, the ‘Teen Mom’ series is one of their most successful TV programs and they do apply special care for it.

This means that the cast is paid a very ‘decent’ annualized salary and that everything must look perfect on screen.

When filming the show, the stars are usually helped in getting their makeup ready by the MTV team.

Fans think the stars look ‘rough’


When not filming the show, the ‘Teen Mom’ stars appear to be just regular human beings.
During their latest Instagram Live session, fans noticed that the ‘Teen Mom’ stars weren’t wearing any makeup.

This in turn sparked a discussion.


“Chey looks just like Ryder in this pic,” one fan said.

“..Maci looks haggard here, another said.

“They all look awful but THAT is friendship,” someone chimed in.

“I just want to know how you guys stopped the aging process for yourself because as far as I know we don’t have any control on how our body naturally ages,” a fan defended the stars.