These Are All The Couples That Were Banned From Filming MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’

As an employer, MTV tends to have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to racism, violence, and other malicious cultural remarks. The network simply can’t afford to have its brand ‘smeared’ with bad publicity, as it greatly affects the viewership of their shows.


For every bad comment made by one of its cast members, MTV is due for public scrutiny as the media tends to include the usual ‘Teen Mom’ star prefix to anything done by the cast.

Even after being dismissed from the show, ex-cast members are referred to as ‘Teen Mom’ stars, which could spell trouble for the network in the long run given the widespread of social media.

In the past, many couples were banned from filming the show due to them causing drama or making certain unattentive comments on social media.

1) Jenelle & David Eason


Jenelle Eason had a decent run with the ‘Teen Mom’ series, filming more than 100 episodes of the show, 109 to be precise.

Despite her history with the show, the network couldn’t keep her on board due to a series of scandalous events that were started by her husband, David Eason.


Due to David’s alleged violent behavior towards the family dog, MTV couldn’t help but cut ties with the couple. Among other things, he’s also very talkative about certain topics on social media which we’re sure doesn’t fit very well with MTV.

Jenelle and her husband David have expressed dissatisfaction in regards to the decision that MTV had made.

“…It caught me by surprise because they filmed me on drugs. They filmed me, no lie, nodding out on-camera,” Jenelle said of the situation, implying that MTV didn’t care to film her in all kinds of situations but this one event managed to bring the whole house down.

” understand. I know you guys are calling me because you’re letting me go. I understand that the media is going crazy right now, and if that’s your decision, I understand,” she said at the time.

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