These Are The Most Revealing ‘Teen Mom’ Magazine Covers From The Past

When MTV first launched ’16 & Pregnant’, it was an immediate media hit. The new series was beloved by hundreds of thousands of fans and from that came news/press coverage.


Many of the moms did their own magazine covers and some of the magazines featured all of the moms together.

Chelsea Houska

Back when she was just starting out in the ‘Teen Mom’ universe, Chelsea was starting to draw in media attention from the get-go.


It didn’t take long for her to be featured in various magazines and press media.

Although she didn’t get a full-page feature, her face appeared in at least two separate magazine covers.

Life & Style

One cover read: ” Teen Mom Chelsea heartbroken and alone” and she shared her second cover with her co-star Leah Messer, “Two more babies”.

Leah Messer


Leah Messer was quite the magazine star over a decade ago. She was featured on multiple covers and even got her full-page feature.

“Leah’s double life”, the magazine cover proudly read.


“Feeling trapped in her marriage, Leah is torn between Corey and a bad-boy named Seth”, the magazine’s excerpt read.

Jenelle Evans

Us Weekly

Jenelle’s 2011 Us Weekly cover was entitled: “I’m not ready to be his mom”.

The magazine featured both Jenelle and her son Jace.
It read: “Jenelle & her mom open up about their troubled family…”

In Touch Weekly mutual magazine cover starring Farrah, Jenelle, Amber

In Touch

In Touch Weekly’s ‘Teen Mom’ cover of 2011 was pronounced “Destroyed by fame”.

Farrah – “Hoping her boob job will get her own spin-off show”.

Jenelle – “Blowing thousands on clothes & partying”.

Amber – “Hooked on pills and trying to be a p*** star”.