These Two Very Popular ‘Teen Mom’ Dads Had Vasectomy Procedures Done

MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ is all about having kids but there comes a point in every couple’s life when they must put an end to the extension of life.


The support role of ‘Teen Mom’ dads


Although they aren’t the main focus of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ series, the dads play an important role as well. This reflects in their supposed salaries as it’s been revealed before that the dads make up to $25,000 per episode.


This closely reflects the moms’ salaries who might be just a tad bit higher than their male counterparts.

Two ‘Teen Mom’ dads went through the procedure


A vasectomy is usually done by doctors who specialize in such endeavors, the doctor type that does the vasectomy procedure is referred to as ‘urologist’.

The procedure is an optional one and directly affects the reproductive system.


‘Teen Mom’ series didn’t really showcase much of this segment of the dads’ lives as it all happened behind the scenes.

The dads that went through this procedure are Adam Lind and Gary Shirley.

Chelsea’s ex-boyfriend Adam had his done after his second child was born, while Gary Shirley opted in for the procedure back in 2018.

Maci’s husband Taylor also discussed the option on ‘Teen Mom: OG’ but was unwilling to ‘pull the trigger’ as he may want more kids in the future.