They’re so much alike,’ Chelsea DeBoer Compared To Jenelle Evans In Latest Photo

Both Chelsea and Jenelle were a part of the same show not too long ago.


Are they still filming for ‘Teen Mom?’


Jenelle and Chelsea both starred in MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ for a good chunk of seasons. They were one of the original cast members as they continued their journeys on ‘Teen Mom 2’.

Despite being paid a high six-figure salary, both of the stars are no longer on the show.

This is for different reasons, as Chelsea simply quit and Jenelle was let go of by the network.

Fans compare Chelsea to Jenelle


In a recently published Instagram photo, fans noticed that Chelsea is starting to look a lot like her co-star.


“I would have sworn on a stack of change jars that was Jenelle,” one fan said of Chelsea’s latest photo.

“Chelsea needs to go back to red hair because she is looking like Jenelle in this pic!!” another wrote.

“She looks like Jenelle,” someone chimed in.