‘They’re the same’ Fans Think They’ve Found Leah’s Long Lost Cousin (Photo)

Leah Messer recently had a ‘glow up’ as she started dating a new man. The mom is still filming episodes for MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ and continues to surprise the fans with her storyline.

Leah’s new relationship


The mom of three finally revealed her new boyfriend as fans cheer for the relationship to succeed. Leah shared the photo on Instagram with the caption: “We happy that’s all”.

Previously, she teased her new relationship when she posted a photo with the mystery man on a bench in West Virginia.

A Striking resemblance


‘Teen Mom’ fans on Reddit have found Leah’s ‘long lost cousin’ and we definitely see the resemblance.

Apparently, the fan noticed how one of the people featured in the UK’s popular show “24 hours in A & E” looks very close to the ‘Teen Mom’ star.

Another fan chimed in with their ‘doppelganger’ theory, “…right now on earth there are at least 7 people who look almost identical to you because of the diversity and randomness of genetics.”