Top 5 ‘Teen Mom’ Kids Who Made Money Filming The Show

Getting filmed on television can definitely be a one-time type of thing but for the ‘Teen Mom’ stars, it’s a lifestyle.


Not only do they expose their private lives on television, but they also film their children’s lives as well.

Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Maci’s son Bentley


Maci started filming ‘Teen Mom’ from a very early age. After giving birth to Bentley, the fans had an opportunity to watch him grow up with each new season of the show.


What the fans didn’t know is that besides his mother who gets paid to appear on ‘Teen Mom: OG’, Bentley also gets compensated for his appearances.

The funs are apparently set up in a way that’s going to benefit him into the future, with him potentially making up to $100,000 thus far.

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