Tyler Baltierra Slammed For Pestering His Wife Catelynn About Her Weight (Photo)

The ‘Teen Mom: OG’ couple Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra are truly unique in many aspects of their relationship.


Tyler & Catelynn’s love story


There aren’t many ‘Teen Mom’ couples out there that can claim they’ve been together through it all.
Their relationship started when they were only teenagers and they managed to hold it together for more than a decade.


At the moment, they seem as happy as they ever were.

Tyler’s comment noticed by fans


A photo was recently shared on a ‘Teen Mom’ forum where Tyler is seen commenting about his wife’s weight.
“You’re really indulging,” Tyler said.

To which Catelynn replied, “Stop being a d-bag”.

Fans weren’t really happy with how Tyler handled the situation.


“He’s got his nerve..” one fan wrote.

“This was goddamn rude,” another fan commented.

But not everyone thought that Tyler’s intentions were necessarily mean.

“I can understand the frustration he’d feel when she complains about being overweight and then proceeds to eat bad,” a fan defended Tyler’s stance.

Keep in mind that this was from one of the older episodes of ‘Teen Mom: OG’, so it’s not entirely new.