‘You Need A Life Coach’, Farrah Abraham Slams Maci Bookout

MTV recently hosted a very special ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’ in San Diego, California and almost all the major ‘Teen Mom’ stars attended.


‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’


When MTV decided that they were going to host this special, they made sure all the major stars are there, with the exception of Kailyn Lowry (who was unable to attend).

As a special surprise, MTV decided that they’re going to invite the estranged ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham to the event.

The cast reacted as one would assume, with a slight shock that Farrah was there.
But luckily, events unfolded without too much drama, albeit with a healthy dose of it.


Farrah slams Maci


Before she left the reunion, Farrah sat down with Maci to talk about their relationship. The whole thing turned out to be okay, with Farrah telling Maci that she’s working on her anxiety & other issues.
But ever since Farrah finished shooting the reunion, she took to social media and said some things about Maci.

“When I speak — I speak to production, not to the teen moms on this show who will say anything and mistreat anyone to keep a failed show going… In spite of me? …enjoy the weight that looks really torture some,” Farrah said on Instagram.

“Hilarious how much Maci allows herself to be manipulated and that could be why she feels she’s not enough: life coach lesson,” she said.